What is the best full-color industrial inkjet for me?

What is the best full-color industrial inkjet for me?

The key to selecting the best full-color industrial inkjet is to clearly understand what you'll use the machine for and how often you'll use it. It's easier than it sounds, and we've created a short guide to help.

Print Requirements: Envelopes

Frequency: 1-3 times/week

Job Size: 250-500 pieces

Recommendation: RapidColor EnveJet

Postmark EnveJet Printer

The RapidColor EnveJet is a tabletop full-color inkjet exclusively made for envelope printing. The EnveJet has full-bleed capabilities and uses the HP FI-1000 printhead, giving you up to an 11.7" Wide print area at up to 1200 x 1200 dpi.


Print Requirements: Tall products up to 10" High

Frequency: 1-5 times/week

Job Size: Varies

Recommendation: RapidColor Core

RapidColor Core Inkjet

The RapidColor Core is a full-color inkjet that leaves feeding and collection up to you. Someone can hand-feed boxes, bags, coasters, wood, coffee sleeves, and just about any flat surface can be run through the RapidColor Core. You can also add a feeder or shingle conveyor for longer runs.

 Print Requirements: Envelopes and Everything Else

Frequency: 2-4 times/week

Job Size: Varies

Recommendation: 1170 RapidColor Pro

 1170 RapidColor Pro Inkjet

The 1170 RapidColor Pro is our most versatile medium-duty full-color printer. It runs envelopes and other products up to 1/8" thick. For thicker products, move the feeder to the side and begin hand-feeding products up to 10" tall.

 Print Requirements: Envelopes and products up to 3/8" thick

Frequency: 4-5 times/week

Job Size: Varies

Recommendation: Kirk-Rudy FireJet 4C Printer

 Kirk-Rudy FireJet 4C Printer

The FireJet 4C Printer is a workhorse built around the Memjet Duraflex Printhead with a 12.75" wide print area and speeds up to 18,000 an hour at 1600 x 954 dpi. The heavy-duty feeder, alignment table, base, and conveyor easily keep up for daily high-volume printing.

We're here to help you determine which of the full-color industrial inkjets best meets your current and future needs. Please get in touch with us for free print samples, quotes, and more.

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