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1170 RapidColor Pro Full-Color Inkjet Printer

1170 RapidColor Pro Full-Color Inkjet Printer

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Full-color inkjet printer for envelopes, packaging, cards, and more.

Utilizing thermal, pigmented aqueous ink, the 1170 RapidColor line of products offers commercial-level inkjet printing for all your printing needs. Whether it’s envelopes, bags, boxes, napkins, or more, the line of versatile 1170 RapidColor Print Solutions is ready to provide you with high-speed, high-quality, four-color inkjet printing.

Product Highlights:

  • 11.7" Wide HP FI-1000 Printhead
  • 10,000 Envelopes / Hour (18 inches/second)
  • Print on products up to 10" Tall

Is the 1170 RapidColor Pro a good fit for me?

  • Duty-Cycle: Medium to High Volume
  • Print Quality: High-Quality CMYK Inkjet
  • Footprint: Medium-Sized
  • Operating Costs: Low
  • Support: Online, Onsite, and Self-Support
  • Warranty: 1-Year Limited Parts Warranty. 90-day Onsite Labor and Travel

How does the 1170 RapidColor Pro compare to similar full-color inkjets?

The 1170 RapidColor Pro is a mid-range full-color inkjet printer. It is similar to the Printware iJetColor 1175 Pro, whereas both use the HP FI-1000 printhead and provide the same print speeds. The 1170 RapidColor Pro is about $20K less, in part because of its smaller footprint. (pricing information based on public information available on the web)

What are the support and service needs?

An experienced, factory-trained technician is needed for installation and operator training. Ongoing onsite support and service needs are minimal afterward, but we recommend ensuring the machine can be serviced locally before buying.

What are the consumables, and how do they compare to competitive machines?

RapidColor 1170 Pro iJetColor 1175 Pro
Black Ink, $399 Black Ink, $550
CMY Inks, $229 CMY Inks, $300
Printhead (w/ ink), $5,016 Printhead Core Charge, $4,750
Service Tray, $331 Service Tray, $?


Machine Specifications and Comparison:

RapidColor 1170 Pro iJetColor 1175 Pro
Print Speed: 18 ips 18 ips
Max Size w/ Feeder: 12" W x 17" L 12" W x 17" L
Max Thickness: 10" H (w/o feeder) 3/8" H
Max Print Width: 11.7" 11.7"

What are my costs to print?

The following examples are based on the costs of consumables:

Other examples are available upon request.


Postmark 1170 RapidColor Pro Specifications

Postmark 1170 RapidColor Pro Brochure

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