Off-Line Feeding a Quarter-fold Newspaper

Off-Line Feeding a Quarter-fold Newspaper

The biggest challenge to off-line address printing newspapers

If you're not inkjet addressing newspapers inline with your Kansa or similar newspaper inserting machine, then you're likely doing this off-line with a Kirk-Rudy 215 or similar off-line feeder with an integrated conveyor.

The biggest challenge is feeding the quarter-folded newspapers.

Newsprint paper is thin and is susceptible to tearing easily when run through an off-line feeder.

Thankfully, Kirk-Rudy has been manufacturing the KR 215 since 1967 when it was used to feed newspapers, magazines, and other mailed products. It's greatly improved over the years, but today it's still a real workhorse used by newspapers worldwide.

We shot the video below running an 8-page and 16-page quarter-folded newspaper with minimal marking on the paper. (not an easy feat with such thin paper)

The KR 215 has plenty of room to mount an inkjet address printer or label applicator too.

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