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NetJet Thermal Inkjet Address Printer

NetJet Thermal Inkjet Address Printer

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Heavy-Duty Thermal Inkjet Addressing System

The NetJet Inkjet Address Printer is modular, heavy-duty, and affordable.

Whether you inkjet address mail every day or a few times a week, we'll provide an inkjet system customized for your needs and budget.

Modular Engineering

The NetJet Address Printer modular engineering means you can choose the feeder, inkjet base, printhead, dryer, and conveyor that best fits your needs.

Feeder Options include:

  • Friction Feeders (Great for postcards and envelopes)
  • Vacuum Shuttle Feeders (Great for magazines and newspapers)
  • Sheet Feeders
  • Bag Feeders
  • Carton and Box Feeders

Inkjet Base (Conveyor): 

  • Lengths from 30" - 88"
  • Split-belt designs for longer belt life
  • With or without inkjet dryer sections
  • Vacuum control for lighter products
  • PC Monitor, Keyboard, and Mouse stands
  • Shingle conveyor controls
  • Stainless tabletops
  • Friction feeder mounts
  • 80/20 rails to mount printheads and more

Thermal Inkjet Printheads:

  • 600 x 600 dpi up to 125 ft/minute
  • 600 x 300 dpi up to 250 ft/minute
  • 600 x 200 dpi up to 360 ft/minute
  • 600 x 150 dpi up to 480 ft/minute
  • Printheads from 1.5" to 4.0" heights
  • Satellite 0.5" printheads for tag lines and messages
  • Single or multiple printhead configurations

Inkjet Dryers:

  • IR and Near-IR Inkjet Dryers
  • 3,200-9,000 Watt Options
  •  Single or Double Configurations
  • Auto-start with product detection

Shingle Conveyors:

  • 4-12 Foot Lengths
  • Straight or right-angle configurations
  • Speed-up and sort options


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  • Brochure
  • Finance and Payment Options
  • Warranty Information
  • Installation Recommendations

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