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KAO Collins

Max 3 - TWK-1396 Black Ink

Max 3 - TWK-1396 Black Ink

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MAX 3 Ink Prints on Plastic and Non-Porous Substrates. The MAX 3 Inkjet Cartridge is a water/solvent-based ink with a long decap time. 

This ink works great in environments with frequent starts and stops on the production line and is a popular choice for bulk mailing and packaging applications.

The MAX 3 uses brand-new HP cartridges.  This is not a re-filled or re-manufactured inkjet cartridge.  Expect higher print quality and better yields as a result. Recommended Printer

  • Settings: Pen driver voltage: 10.2 V
  • Fire pulse length: 2.2
  • Pulse Warming: 40o C
  • Printhead Performance: Decap time: > 1 hour
  • Shelf life: Up to 1 year

Cartridge Maintenance & Handling Use a water-dampened lint-free cloth to clean the print head Wipe slowly and lightly across the tip of the long edge with the print head facing down Forcing the wipe (too much pressure) may scratch the print head Use of a cloth with lint may clog the nozzles

Cartridge Storage Operating conditions: 50 F to 104 F

Please Note: Winter weather may delay shipping. Please get in touch with us for time-sensitive orders.

Product Note:  Some print systems prevent you from using inkjet cartridges from other suppliers. Please check your print system before buying this or any other ink.

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