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Hewlett Packard

HP Versatile Black Inkjet Cartridge

HP Versatile Black Inkjet Cartridge

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HP Versatile Black ink is a water-based ink designed to print on porous and nonporous media while maintaining superior print quality and dry time requirements. It prints sharp, dark black text with high-optical density in a single pass; offers excellent print quality for high-resolution, easy-to-read barcodes; and is suitable for porous and coated substrates.

Cartridge Type: New (Not a refill or remanufactured)

Applications: Direct Mail, Packaging, Printing

Ink Type: Water-based

Color: Dark Black

Best Substrates: Porous and Semi-Porous


Great all-around performer manufactured by HP. This ink is a popular choice for direct mail addressing, barcode and label printing, packages, cartons, and other porous papers too. Prints up to 600 dpi in a dark black color with crisp lines. Not recommended if printed material will come into contact with water. The decap time is less than a minute.

Product Note: Some inkjet systems are chipped to prevent you from using other inkjet cartridges. Please check your print system before buying this or any other ink.

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