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HP 2590 Solvent Ink Print Cartridge

HP 2590 Solvent Ink Print Cartridge

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Reliable Fast-dry ink for your coding and marking needs at a economical price

The HP 2590 Solvent Ink Print Cartridge Utilizes the well-proven HP 45si print cartridge technology. With newly-developed HP 2590 solvent ink, this combination of HP-engineered technology is designed to meet and exceed your coding and marking production needs.

Designed for coding and marking on films, including BOPP. HP 2590 ink provides industry-standard durability on untreated BOPP and excellent
durability on treated BOPP and a wide variety of other substrates, including PE, PET, UV, aluminum foil, and PVC.

High productivity even with stop-and-start printing.

Printing with the HP 2590 solvent print cartridge is easy in intermittent and fast printing production environments. The long decap time of the ink allows your operators to leave the cartridge uncapped for up to one hour with immediate recovery after restarting printing. Consistent, high print quality for bar codes and text Get best-in-class print definition and optical density from the combination of HP TIJ 2.5 technology and HP 2590 solvent ink. You will see the high print quality that is required in many markets including pharmaceutical and industrial marking. Proven quality and reliability

The HP 45si solvent cartridge combined with HP-developed inks has been a proven technology of choice for many Original Equipment Manufacturers over many years. The HP cartridges provide you with assured supply, HP quality, and reliability.

Product Note: Some print systems prevent you from using inkjet cartridges from other suppliers. Please check your print system before buying this or any other ink.

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