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G2 2" UV High-Speed Inkjet Printer

G2 2" UV High-Speed Inkjet Printer

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UV-Cured 2" Industrial Inkjet Printer

The G2 UV Curable Printer is a high-resolution industrial inkjet printer that can print variable data on a range of coated and uncoated substrates. It prints addresses, barcodes, 2D codes, QR codes, numbering, logos, and graphics. The printer is versatile and cost-effective, making it suitable for mailing and addressing applications, as well as labels, tickets, security, plastic cards, and business forms.

High-Quality, High-Speed 

The G-Line printers support up to 600 dpi resolution, giving you maximum quality at all times—there is little that cannot be printed with incredible sharpness.

- 600 DPI Print Resolution (1280 print nozzles)
- Variable Drop Size Capability
- Up to 1,200 fpm Line Speed

Premium Capabilities at a Lower Cost

The G2 and G4 initial costs are significantly lower than most solutions, but this goes beyond hardware costs. Factoring in reduced maintenance, efficient use of inks, and reliability, both models have an incredibly low Total Cost of Ownership.

- Lowest Cost UV Curable Print Solution
- Quickest ROI in the Industry
- Reduced Operational Costs

Simple to Integrate

With a compact footprint and flexible mounting options, upgrading existing print solutions with the G2 is a straightforward process. Using 80/20 as the mounting bar, custom width mounts can be accommodated to meet any installation.

- Installs Quickly into Existing Machinery
- Precision Mounting Gives Exact Control
- Small Footprint Allows for Implementing Multiple Head installations

Print in All Directions

With the patented Ink Delivery System, the G2 and G4 can print in any orientation: down, sideways, or even upside down. It will also print in shuttling systems without any effort.


  • Print DPI: 150, 300, and 600
  • Print Speeds: Up to 1,200 feet/min at 600 x 150 DPI
  • Maximum Print Width: 2.13"
  • Ink: UV-Cured 1 Liter Bottles of Ink
  • Printhead Position: Horizontal, Face-down or Face-up
  • Optional UV-Ink Curing System (Drying)
  • Prints variable or fixed data, barcodes, and graphics

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