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Duplo USA

Duplo HC-550i Paper Cutter

Duplo HC-550i Paper Cutter

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The HC-550i Hydraulic Cutter effortlessly cuts through large stacks of paper up to 21.6″ wide. Finish stacks of postcards, direct mail, and perfect bound books up to 3.5″ in height. Program the cuts and sequence for each job using the touchscreen panel. As each cut is performed, the back gauge automatically adjusts for the next cut and the control panel prompts the cut rotation to eliminate errors and increase efficiency. The LED light illuminates the cut line, allowing you to see exactly where the cut will be applied, and the foot pedal controls the low pressure clamp to keep the job firmly in place. Simply rotate the job and discard the scraps.


  • Hydraulic-powered clamping and cutting
  • Dual palm buttons to activate safety sensors
  • Aluminum alloy cutting table with anti-friction surface
  • Safety certification

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