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Duplo DC-746 B2 Slitter Cutter Creaser

Duplo DC-746 B2 Slitter Cutter Creaser

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The DC-746 B2 Slitter/Cutter/Creaser processes and finishes B2 output on demand. Integrating the DC-20K B2 Feeder and DC-20000 B2 Cutter/Bridge Unit with the all-in-one DC-746 Slitter/Cutter/Creaser, the DC-746 B2 expands capabilities to turnaround jobs with better accuracy and efficiency.

As print runs continue to get shorter many print providers are looking to maximize the sheet size and implement a workflow that keeps productivity high and costs low. The DC-746 B2 turns flat sheets with multiple-up impositions into finished pieces that are slit, cut, creased, scored, and perforated in a single pass. Get creative with wider formats that stand out from the rest such as oversized direct mailers, accordion brochures, book jackets, posters, and much more.


  • Automated job set up
  • High feed capacity with Short Edge Feed (SEF) and Long Edge Feed (LEF)
  • Two registration scanners for cutting accuracy
  • Optional perforating and slitting modules for additional finishing

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