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DUPLO DC-516 PRO Multi-Finisher

DUPLO DC-516 PRO Multi-Finisher

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The DC-516 Pro Multi-Finisher offers the flexibility to be used as a high-speed creaser, cutter, or perforating device – or a combination of any two – for finishing longer runs. Dual creasing modules perform positive or negative patterns up to 100 sheets per minute and two can be used simultaneously to produce perfect bound covers with hinges and Z-fold pieces. If cutting high-volume cards is what you need, you can quickly cut 36-up business cards on 14″ x 20″ using the cutting and slitting modules. The rotary tool and cross perforating modules can be used to create custom T- or L-shape perforations for large production jobs.

  • Easy job setup and changeover
  • 14″ feed capacity for longer runs
  • LCD touchscreen panel with 250 job memory
  • Optional perforating and dual creasing modules for additional finishing

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