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Duplo 700i Booklet Making System

Duplo 700i Booklet Making System

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With the fully automated 700i Booklet System, the DBM-700/T Bookletmaker and Trimmer integrate the stitcher, folder, and face trimmer into an efficient system – eliminating the task of setting and folding signatures separately. It offers three-knife trimming and square spine options with the capability to produce 50-sheet booklets.

Ideal for longer runs, the 700i delivers a wide range of applications such as letter landscape catalogs and promotional calendars with automated precision on demand up to 5,200 booklets per hour.


  • Automated job set up and changeovers
  • Custom feed jobs via Intelligent Multi-Bin Feed
  • Processes 4-stitch booklets with 2 stitch heads
  • Three-knife trimming and 8mm Gutter Cutter option for 2-up finishing with DKTS-200 Two Knife Trimmer

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