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D-12 Demand-Feed Friction Feeder

D-12 Demand-Feed Friction Feeder

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The 12" Wide Demand-Feed Friction Feeder is an economical and innovative machine for many packaging lines.

The D-12 Feeder is ideal for dropping literature, instructions, return labels, marketing pieces, and other flat materials into boxes and other packaging. It may also be used on conveyors and includes a "continuous-feed" mode to high-speed continuous product feeding for labeling and coding lines.

    Almost any application that requires on-demand feeding is a good candidate for the D-12 Demand-Feed Friction Feeder.

    Features Include:

    • Setup the feeder in five minutes
    • Repositionable feed belts and gates
    • Extended side guides
    • Variable speed
    • On-Demand or Continuous Feed Modes

    Machine Specifications:

    • Maximum Product Size: 12" W x 17" L
    • Minimum Product Size: 3" W x 2 L" 
    • Maximum Product Thickness: 0.375"
    • Speed: Up to 300 fpm

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