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6" Wide On-Demand Friction Feeder

6" Wide On-Demand Friction Feeder

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The R-6D On-Demand Friction Feeder is an economical servo motor-driven friction feeder for packaging and fulfillment lines.

If your business struggles with the costs of dropping packing slips, instructions, and smaller documents into boxes and packaging, then the R-6D Friction Feeder may be the solution. The R-6D feeds smaller products up to 6" W x 8" L, and up to 1/4" thick.

Use it to feed products into:

  • Open boxes
  • Packaging
  • Flighted conveyors
  • Automated and semi-automated fulfillment lines

Features Include:

  • Fast Setup in under five minutes
  • Trigger and Miss Detect Sensors
  • External Output downstream machines, lights, or buzzers.
  • Variable speed

Machine Specifications:

  • Maximum Product Size: 6" W x 8" L
  • Minimum Product Size: 3" W x 4" 
  • Maximum Product Thickness: 0.25"

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