Save up to 40% on your Inkjet Address Printer Upgrade

Save up to 40% on your Inkjet Address Printer Upgrade

Ready to save up to 40% on your next Inkjet Address Printer upgrade or inkjet components? We recently acquired used components for the Kirk-Rudy NetJet Inkjet Address Printers. The list of components includes:

  • Kirk-Rudy NetJet Controllers
  • Kirk-Rudy NetJet Printheads (1.5" and 2.0")
  • Kirk-Rudy Printhead Mounts

The used Kirk-Rudy components can dramatically reduce the costs of increasing address printing capabilities in your shop.

The Kirk-Rudy NetJet Address Printer is one of the most economical and reliable inkjet address printers available. Even better, we can mount the inkjets on almost any make and model of existing equipment. We've installed new and used NetJets on vacuum bases made by Buskro, Secap, Cheshire, MCS, Kansa, and more.

Kirk-Rudy NetJet Inkjet Address Printer Information

The video below shows a recent Kirk-Rudy NetJet Printer installation on a Kansa Newspaper Line.

Please contact us for more information at 314-209-7272 or at gpolk at peakbe dot com 

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