Newspaper Inkjet Address Printing

Newspaper Inkjet Address Printing

Newspaper Address Printing

Having Trouble with Mail Addressing Newspapers?

We offer Off-Line and Inline Inkjet Addressing Machines for mail addressing newspapers. Our robust American-made newspaper addressing equipment is customized to fit your needs whether running broadsheet or tabloid sizes, and just about any other sized paper.

 Our Inline Model is equipped to run on the end of Kansa, Kirk-Rudy, Müller Martini, and others.

Our Off-Line Model is equipped to feed and transport newspapers under an inkjet printhead for mail addressing and printing other data as needed, and then collected on a shingling conveyor for bundling/strapping newspapers.

For most installations, the Thermal Inkjet Printer Kit (NetJet) is used to spray mail addresses on the newspapers. The NetJet is an inkjet cartridge-based printer with a long history of reliable mail address printing on newspapers and direct mail. In addition, the NetJet is easily mounted to many existing production lines without the need of another conveyor or transport.

The video below shows a KR-215 Feeder and Conveyor running a 11.5" L x 9" W Newspaper. The image below shows the orientation of the newspaper as it feeds in the KR-215 so that an inkjet printer is able to print the mailing address in the correct orientation.

Newspaper Feed Direction on a KR-215

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