What is the best paper folder for a small office?

Published by Greg Polk on Mar 12th 2020

The MBM 98M Paper Folder is a strong contender.

Your office folds a lot of paper, and you're tired of doing it by hand. Or perhaps, you already bought a small office paper folder, and it does a better job of crumpling paper than folding it. Either way, the MBM 98M Paper Folder could be your answer to whether a low-cost but reliable paper folder exists?

MBM 98M Paper Folder

What do we like about the MBM 98M Folder?

The folder weighs 35 pounds, which is a quick indication that more substantial (and longer-lasting) parts are used, like the all too important motor. We found a comparable folder online that weighs half this much.

It's reasonably easy to set up this paper folder right out of the box. If you're comfortable setting up a computer or printer at home, this should be just as easy, if not more so.

Operating the folder is simple and straight forward. There are only four buttons and an on-off switch on the machine. It's hard to get in trouble since there are no menus or screens either.

MBM 98M Paper Folder Operator / Control Panel
shown in "Count Mode".  Count mode is a quick
and simple operation for folding in batches of 10 or more.

Changing paper sizes and folds on the MBM 98M Folder is also simple. 

Step One:

Adjust the side guides shown in this photo.

Step Two:

Move the fold plate stops to the position
for the type of fold and paper size you're running.

Step Three:

Move the paper delivery roller assembly to the 
proper position using the guide shown next
to the two green belts.

The folder is priced competitively and a good value for any small office. Check out the latest pricing on the  MBM 98M Paper Folder here.

Drawbacks: The folder uses a single roller to feed the sheets into the folding section. Slicker (glossy) papers will not perform as well as un-coated paper stocks on this type of feed mechanism. We're happy to test samples for you if you'd like to confirm the folder will perform well with your specific paper(s).

Summary: Overall, the MBM 98M Paper Folder is an excellent value for small offices, churches, and schools that fold up to 1,000 sheets per week. Contact us with any questions or buy online here.