Collins Max 3 Ink - 24 Pack with Free Shipping

Published by Peak Business Equipment, Inc. on Nov 10th 2020

The KAO Collins Max 3 Ink - 24 Pack is a no-brainer for higher volume printing

Just $33.83 / cartridge with FREE SHIPPING!

This is the lowest advertised price on the web for new KAO Collins Max 3 (TWK1396) Inkjet Cartridges.  These are not refills or remanufactured cartridges.

This is a new offer at Peak Business Equipment, Inc. and the new pricing is not guaranteed to last forever.  Initial orders will drop ship from KAO Collins, with later orders scheduled to start shipping from Peak in the near future.

You can order the ink here:

Collins Max 3 Ink - 24 Pack with free shipping

Collins Max 3 Ink - One or more cartridges

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