Straight Shooter R-14 Friction Feeder

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Innovative but simple friction feeder for a wide variety of flat and semi-flat products View full description


The Straight Shooter R-14 Friction Feeder is an innovative but simple product feeder designed to be easy to setup and run products up to 14" wide.  The feeder is great for feeding postcards, envelopes, folded marketing material, cartons, and a wide assortment of other flat and semi-flat material used in print, mail, and packaging applications.

Maintenance personal especially love how easy it is to replace the feed belts and separator tips which take in five minutes.  Setting up the feeder for new material takes less than five minutes thanks to innovative ideas like movable feed belts, side guides and separators that all can be moved without tools.

Features include:

  • Five-minute setup
  • Five-minute belt changes
  • Variable speed control
  • Continuous feed operation
  • Optional stand and accessories for custom sizes and shapes




Extra Information

Straight Shooter
Minimum Product Size:
3" W x 2" L
Maximum Product Size:
14" x 17" L
Product Thickness:
Single Sheet to 3/8"
Variable up to 500 feet per second
Available Interlocks:
Dry contact or 12 VDC