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Straight Shooter R-12 Friction Feeder

Innovative but simple friction feeder for a wide variety of flat and semi-flat products

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The Straight Shooter R-12 Friction Feeder is an economical and innovative machine designed for quick setup and operation. The R-12 is excellent at non-stop feeding postcards, envelopes, folded marketing material, cartons, and a wide assortment of other types of flat and semi-flat materials.

Use the R-12 to feed products continuously into:

  • Labeling Machines
  • Inkjet Printers
  • Wafer Sealers and Tabbers
  • Buckle and Plow Folders
  • Tip-on / Attaching Machines
  • Almost any application that requires continuous product is a good candidate for an R-12 Friction Feeder.

Why the R-12 Friction Feeder works so well:

Five-minute setup: The simple design ensures that machine operators can set up and start production within five minutes, without any tools.

Fifteen-minute maintenance: Replace all the regular wear items like feed belts in fifteen minutes or less. No special skills or training are required.

Reliability: Except for regular maintenance, you won't likely remember the last time it needed repair, if ever.

Low Cost: Your initial investment and ongoing operational costs are minimal compared to incredibly proud brands with costly parts and support.

Do you need help finding the perfect feeder for a project or application?

The R-12 Friction Feeder is perfect for many needs, but not all of them. We offer free product testing to narrow down the best machine for the job. Call us today to get started: 314-209-7272





Straight Shooter
Minimum Product Size:
3" W x 2" L
Maximum Product Size:
12" x 17" L
Product Thickness:
Single Sheet to 3/8"
Variable up to 500 feet per minute
Available Interlocks:
Dry contact or 12 VDC

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Straight Shooter R-12 Friction Feeder