Manually setting up a paper folder can be tedious, especially if your staff isn't comfortable doing it themselves.  Our automatic/smart paper folders are easy to setup and operate so training everyone takes less time.  Simply load the stack of paper, select the type of fold desired, and press "Start".

Automatic Paper Folders

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  • DUPLO DF-870 Paper Folder

    Duplo USA

    DUPLO DF-870 Paper Folder

    The Duplo DF‐870 Automatic Folder features a durable feed system and automated setups that make it easier and faster to process folding jobs without any manualadjustments required. The DF‐870 precisely folds documents such as brochures, menus, letters,...

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  • DUPLO DF-990A Paper Folder

    Duplo USA

    DUPLO DF-990A Paper Folder

    The Duplo DF-990A Automatic Paper Folder is one of Duplo's quietest tabletop folding machines. With a high speed of up to 260 sheets per minute, the DF-990A utilizes a three-roller friction feed system to process a wide range of paper stocks and offers a...

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