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  • Duplo CC-229 Card Cutter

    Duplo USA

    DUPLO CC-229 Card Cutter

    The Duplo CC-229 Card Cutter brings cutting, slitting and creasing to your fingertips. Ideal for finishing color letter and legal size applications, the CC-229 can be used to produce various applications such as business cards, photos, and postcards as...

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  • Duplo CC-330 Card Cutter

    Duplo USA

    DUPLO CC-330 Card Cutter

    The Duplo CC-330 Card Cutter is an easy-to-use machine that reliably finishes business cards, postcards, and photos you've printed on up to 13" x 19" sheets.  The CC-330 is extremely simple to use and with speeds up to 240 business cards per minute,...

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