Plastic Card Feeder

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Automatic Plastic Card Feeder for labeling or inkjet printing

Labeling plastic cards such as the CR80 is a lot more productive using an automatic feeder coupled with a labeling applicator or inkjet printer.  We provide an easy-to-use and economical means to label / inkjet cards whether you need a feeder or a complete turnkey system.

We can provide you with:

  • A turnkey plastic card labeling system
  • A turkey plastic card inkjet printing system
  • A feeder / conveyor system to work with your own label applicator or inkjet
  • A feeder only system to automate feeding plastic cards into other downstream devises
  • A vision-based system for plastic card quality control

The Feeder for this application can run CR80 (credit card size) plastic cards and other products up to 12" wide and 17" long.  We can provide options to run different sized products as well.

Please call or email us to discuss your application or to arrange free sample testing at our facility.  We'll set up your product on a feeder to test  and send you a video if we can provide a good solution to your automation needs.

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