Paper Folder Repair Service

mbm-98m-300.pngWe repair tabletop paper folders for $120/hour plus parts.

Drop-off or ship your tabletop or desktop paper folder for fast and reliable repairs. 

Our service center is conveniently located in Fenton, Missouri.  You can drop-off the folder (we'll help with unloading) or ship the paper folder if you prefer. 

Our experienced factory-trained technicians will help you keep the cost to a minimum and decide what repairs are necessary, depending on your budget and needs.

Call 314-209-7272 to fix your paper folder.  


We repair many brands including: Baumfolder, Duplo, Formax, Martin Yale, and MBM.

What does the folder repair process look like?

  1. Call us at (314) 209-7272 for a quick and free consultation
  2. Drop-off or ship your paper folder to our service center
  3. A technician will diagnose the folder and call you to discuss the problem(s)
  4. With your approval, we'll make the necessary repairs.
  5. Lastly, we'll carefully pack and ship the folder back to you (you have you pick it up if you dropped it off).

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Can we help you repair the paper folder over the phone?

Answer: We cannot troubleshoot over the phone, but do offer a list of suggestions at the bottom of the page.  For simple problems, the suggestions will likely be all you need.

Is it safe to ship my paper folder to you?

Answer: Yes, if done properly.  Pack your paper folder in it's original shipping container if it's available.  If not, take it to a local UPS Store and have them package and ship the folder for you.  Don't forget to get the optional insurance for the value of the paper folder.  You can also pack and ship the folder yourself, but be extra careful and provide plenty of cushion around the machine.  As mentioned above,  make sure to buy the optional insurance to cover any possible damage during shipping.

How long before I get the folder back?

Answer: Repairs are typically made within one week or sooner if part's are not needed.  Transit times vary, but are typically 3-5 days.

What if the repair is too expensive or I decide not to repair the folder?

Answer: Your only charge is $69 to cover the cost of inspection, testing, and the estimate.  At your cost, we can ship the folder back to you or dispose of it for no charge.

Are your repairs guaranteed?

Answer: Yes! We guarantee every repair we make.  If the problem resurfaces within 24 hours of receiving the paper folder, please call us right away and we'll work with you to resolve the problem at no additional cost to you.

Fix the folder yourself with these suggestions!

  1. Clean the paper folder.  Many problems are due to excessive toner build-up, dust, and grime on the folder.  Be sure to unplug the folder first to avoid possible injuries.  Use roller cleaner to get the best results on the fold rollers.
  2. Blow off any sensors on the paper folder.  If they are dirty, they'll give false jam errors and the folder will not run.
  3. Reseat the fold plates.  Be sure you unplug the machine first.
  4. With the power off, turn the fold rollers by hand to see if paper is stuck in the machine.  Carefully remove any paper you find.
  5. Consult the owners manual if the machine has an error code or message.  It may help you solve the problem on your own.
  6. Still not working?  Call us to arrange service.


 * Customer is responsible for delivery / shipping costs.  Sales tax not included where applicable.