Max 3 - TWK-1396 Black Ink

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KAO Collins Water/Solvent Based Ink View full description
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MAX 3 Ink Prints on Plastic and Non-Porous Substrates

The MAX 3 Inkjet Cartridge is a water/solvent-based ink with a long decap time.  This ink works great in environments with frequent starts and stops on the production line and is a popular choice for bulk mailing and packaging applications.


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This is a KAO Collins Brand Ink using HP 45A Inkjet Cartridge Technology.  The MAX 3 uses brand new HP cartridges.  This is not a re-filled or re-manufactured inkjet cartridge.  Expect higher print quality and better yields as a result.

Recommended Printer Settings:

  • Pen driver voltage: 10.2 V
  • Fire pulse length: 2.2
  • Pulse Warming: 40o C

Printhead Performance:

  • Decap time: > 1 hour
  • Shelf life: Up to 1 year

Cartridge Maintenance & Handling

  • Use a water dampened lint-free cloth (such as CleanJet Inkjet Cartridge Wipes) to clean the print head
  • Wipe slowly and lightly across tip of the long edge with the print head facing down
  • Forcing the wipe (too much pressure) may scratch the print head
  • Use of a cloth with lint may clog the nozzles

Cartridge Storage

Operating conditions: 50 F to 104 F
Storage conditions: 50 to 86 F
Less than 1 day down: leave cartridges in the machine and wipe/purge the cartridge before next use (using CleanJet Wipes)
More than 1 day down: remove cartridges from machine and place inkjet cartridge clip over the head. Wipe the inkjet printhead and purge before use.

Product Note:  Some print systems prevent you from using inkjet cartridges from other suppliers. Please check your print system before buying this or any other ink.

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