Kirk-Rudy 555 Labeling Machine

Label Applicator and Transport Conveyor

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The Kirk-Rudy 555 Labeler is a Heavy-Duty All-In-One Label Applicator and Transport Conveyor.

The American-made labeling machine is built for continuous operation with:

  • Minimum Downtime
  • High-Speed Labeling Projects
  • Modular Design for Increased Flexibility

 Applications Include:

  • Stand-Alone Labeling Machines
  • In-Line Labeling
  • Multiple Label Placed on the same package
  • Optional Inkjet and Quality Control Inspection
  • RFID Tag Labeling
  • Customized Solutions

The Kirk-Rudy 555 Labeler is designed and manufactured in the United States. Kirk-Rudy makes nearly every part onsite, thus relying on a limited number of suppliers while maintaining the highest quality manufacturing standards.

Each Labeling System is tailored to the application requirements. The modular design means we can select the right modules, feeders, transports, shingling conveyors, and technology that best fits your needs.


  • Up to 3" Wide Labels (Up to 6" Wide Label Kits Available)
  • Stepper or Servo Motor Driven
  • Minimum Label Size: 0.25" W x 0.75" L
  • Minimum Product Size: 1.25" W x 4.0" L
  • Maximum Product Height: 1" (Standard Configuration)
  • Maximum Labeling Speed: 30,000 labels / hour (product and label size dependent)

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Kirk-Rudy 555 Labeling Machine