Kirk-Rudy 545T Tabbing Machine

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Tab inline with saddle stitchers and other bindery equipment View full description


A Mail Tabbing Machine designed to run inline with saddle stitchers and other bindery equipment

The Kirk-Rudy 545T Tabber applies tabs on up to three sides of the mail piece in a single pass AND without rotating the mail piece.  The KR 545T Tabber is designed to accept a mail piece in any orientation AND still allow you to apply tabs to meet the USPS tabbing requirements w/o having to rotate the mail piece.  The result is a very productive machine for tabbing booklets and similar products that require tabs on three sides.

The machine features two three-motor driven heads.  Servo motors are highly accurate and used throughout all kinds of industries that require reliable and accurate motor controls and interfaces.  The patented trailing-edge tab fold technology makes the three-sided tabbing possible so that each piece can have a tab placed on the leading, trailing and one side.

Some of the features include:

  • User-friendly touchscreen panel
  • Servo-driven web
  • Leading and trailing edge tabbing
  • Side tabbing
  • Right or left-edge tabbing alignment
  • Runs inline with many different kinds of equipment 



Extra Information

Up to 350 feet / minute
Tab Size:
Min 0.5 inch Max 1.5 inch round
Standard Label Size:
Min 0.5 inch Max 1.5 inch round
Minimum Material Size:
3.5 inch W x 3.5 inch L
Maximum Material Size:
11.0 inch W x 11.0 inch L
Maximum Material Thickness:
0.25 inches (for labeling only)