Kirk-Rudy 503 Sheet Feeder

Sheet Feeder for Inkjet and Labeling

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The Kirk-Rudy 503 Sheet Feeder is an easy-to-load pile feeder for inkjet, labeling, and other applications.

There's no reason to struggle with automatic feeding of large sheets into inkjets, labelers, and other types of machines. You can load up to 19" W x 18" L sheets for near continuous operation, only stopping to load the feeder when it runs out. With the optional ultrasonic double sheet detection, waste is kept at a minimum and removes the fear of blank sheets at the end of the job.

The Sheet Feeder works great with:

The Kirk-Rudy 503 Sheet Feeder features include:

  • 3 Feed Modes (index, continuous, demand)
  • Floor pedal control of product elevator
  • Electronic pile height sensor
  • Holds up to 4,000 sheets of 20lb. bond
  • Removable loading tray and cart on wheels
  • Up to 19" W x 18" L sheets
  • Optional Ultrasonic Double Sheet Detection



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Kirk-Rudy 503 Sheet Feeder