Kirk-Rudy 435 Tabbing Machine

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Affordable, but heavy-duty tabber, labeler, and stamp-affixer View full description


One of the most affordable floor-model tabbing, labeling, and stamp-affixing system available

The Kirk-Rudy 435 Tabber handles large 16” diameter rolls and runs all major types of pressure-sensitive tabs as well as pressure-sensitive stamps and labels of various shapes and sizes. Multiple tabs or labels can be applied in a single pass to lower your production costs.

The machine is designed and manufactured in the United States with a focus on creating a heavy-duty machine with a small footprint.  The reliable nature of the machine results in better production, less down-time, and lower operating costs compared to other competitive models.  It's truly a smart investment for any shop that wants ONE machine that can apply tabs, labels, and pressure-sensitive stamps.



Extra Information

Up to 25,000 pieces / hour
Tab Size:
Min 0.5 inch Max 2.0 inch
Standard Label Size:
Up to 3.0 inch W x 2.0 inch L
Minimum Material Size:
3.5 inch W x 5.0 inch L
Maximum Material Size:
13.0 inch W x 14.0 inch L
Maximum Material Thickness:
0.62 inches
Consecutive Labels and Tabs:
Up to six per piece