Duplo DLF-500 Foil - Lamination Machine

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The Duplo DFL-500 dry-coats, foils, and laminates paper and features an automatic feeder. View full description


The Duplo DFL-500 is a laminator, foil, and dry coat machine all wrapped up into one easy-to-use machine.  To operate the machine, simply load the paper into the automatic feeder and the roll of film or foil and you're ready to go in a matter of minutes.  The DFL-500 is a quick and easy way to provide multiple finishes, generate more revenue, and stand-out from the crowd without making a huge investment.

The DFL-500 utilizes a ceramic thermal roller and a heat control system to precisely apply the desired film on top of the sheet. For gloss dry coating, the DFL-500 utilizes a specially-formulated film that applies full coverage on a sheet of a paper. When the film runs through the heat roller, the adhesive is melted and applied to sheet. Without the need of investing in individual foil stamp dies, the DFL-500 uses a unique adhesive foil that sticks onto the toner used in most presses. The DFL-500 comes standard with an automatic side-to-side flying knife separator system for precise flush cutting of laminated sheets. It also features a dust removing and de-curling system commonly seen in more expensive laminators.

The Duplo DFL-500 Features include:

  • 3-in-1 solution

  • Auto film slitting and cutting system

  • Two-piece design for easy film setup and removal

  • Automatic air suction feed system

  • Handles up to 13" width sheets



Extra Information

Duplo USA
Feed System:
Automatic, Air Suction System
Coating Mechanism:
Heat Roller System (194-320F)
Paper Size:
Laminate: 8.3” x 11.7” - 13” x 24” Foil: 5.8” x 8.3” - 13” x 24”
Paper Weight:
110-400 gsm
Up to 15ppm