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Duplo DFL-700 Foil/Laminator

3-in-1 Foil/Laminator

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The DFL-700 Foil/Laminator adds value to digitally-printed output on a budget.

Ideal for short runs and variable data jobs, the DFL-700 can be used to apply toner or polymer-based foil as well as single-sided lamination for an enhanced finish.

The DFL-700 offers three ways to finish the sheet:


Toner-Based Foiling:

With the use of toner-reactive foil, digital toner foiling offers an easy way to add a shiny and metallic finish to print jobs in-house. Through its heated roller, the DFL-700 works by fusing the foil with the printed toner. No metal dies are required and no time is added to your turnaround. To get started, print the artwork you want foiled on a digital press in 100% black toner. Set up the device with the desired foil roll, let it heat up to a minimum of 135F degrees and place the printed sheets on the feed tray for automated feeding. Once the foil has been applied, print any remaining artwork to add CMYK alongside the foil or prepare for immediate finishing. The DFL-700 works with metallic, holographic, and glitter foils. Duplo USA offers a selection of colors to meet your needs.

Polymer-Based Foiling:

Polymer foiling provides the opportunity to create tactile, raised foiled effects. The three-step process involves lamination, spot coating on a separate machine, and foiling. The DFL-700 utilizes a specially-formulated foil that adheres to the polymer that has been cured on the sheet. The thicker the spot UV, the thicker the foil will feel. Begin by printing all the artwork and set up the DFL-700 to laminate the printed sheets. Process the laminated sheets on a digital enhancement device, such as the Duplo DDC-810 Raised Spot UV Coater, to highlight areas with spot UV. Then set the DFL-700 for foiling and feed the spot coated sheets for added shine. Adding foil over raised spot UV on short-run packaging, business cards, and book covers make them irresistible to touch. Duplo USA offers polymer-based foil in gold and silver colors.

Single-Sided Lamination:

Laminating applications enhances the look and feel as well as protects the material. The DFL-700 can be used to mount heat-activated lamination film over printed sheets. Add it alone or add it as a layer under spot UV and/or polymer foiling. The DFL-700 accommodates larger lamination rolls up to 6,000 feet. Laminated sheets are quickly separated by the new bursting separation system, providing a cleaner cut for finishing devices and improved productivity. The DFL-700 works well with soft touch, matte, and gloss lamination. Duplo USA offers matte and gloss lamination rolls.


  • Paper Size Minimum 8.26" x 8.26"
  • Maximum 15.16" x 25.98"
  • Paper Type Coated, Non-Coated, Embossed Paper
  • Functionality Digital Foil, Spot UV Foil, Lamination, Spot Gloss
  • Maximum Paper Thickness 150-400 gsm
  • Paper Loading Capacity Up to 4.72" (120 mm)
  • Paper Feeding System Air Suction Belt (Air Adjustment on Control Touch Panel)
  • Paper Cooling System Yes, Built-In Cooling Fans
  • Speed Foil up to 40 ppm (8.5" x 11")
  • Laminating up to 20 ppm
  • Warm Up Time 7 Minutes
  • Heat Range 164-320° F
  • Heat Roller 2
  • Heat Roller Pressure 40-350 kg
  • Pressure Adjustment Adjustable via Control Touch Panel
  • Decurler Method Bar Squeeze Method adjustable on Control Touch Panel
  • Power Supply Single Phase, 220V 12.5A, 50/60Hz
  • Dimensions (WxDxH) 57" x 27" x 51"
  • Net Weight 397 lbs


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Duplo DFL-700 Foil/Laminator